Friday, July 17, 2015

~ All the places I have been ~

Early spring, before we started heavily into farming, Manly and I started taking Day trips.
We would drive as far as we could, explore that area, and drive home.
Some places we had been before and others we had not.
I had taken photos, but not had a chance to get them off my camera or share them with you.
So, here is a picture heavy post of photo's taken earlier this year.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Gettin' Your Irish On

It's that time, folks.
Get out your recipes, buy your Guinness, don your green sweater.
Need a little inspiration?
Okay, well, here it is!

Okay, now that your Irish-ness is standing up loud and proud, I will call to Irish Piggy to come and bring you a Guinness...

Saturday, February 21, 2015


You know what you people have not seen in awhile. MY CHICKENS!
(Go ahead, Roll your eyes, I know you want to)
But, I also realize I had not showed you the coop that Manly built.
He claims that WE built it, but I don't really consider standing there and holding stuff, talking his ear off and fetching the wrong tools as
But, its so nice and sturdy and I don't have to worry about dogs breaking through because it was actually welded together.
Yes, Welded.
First the girls:

The Coop:

The orange cord you see running into the roosting/nesting area is not a HD TV as you all are probably assuming, but for the uh, ahem, baby monitor.
Yes. I said baby monitor.
That way I can place the girls anywhere on our 2 acres and be able to hear if there is any thing trying to get to them.
It also lets me know when there is a fresh egg available, since they always make a fuss when they lay an egg.
Now, as you can see the coop is movable.
The black belting you see on the bottom (which is not really pretty to look at) but keeps animals from digging under the coop.
Now in the far left you see a dried up sage brush that blew in and someone really should have removed it before posting their yard to the world on her blog.
I am so thankful for Manly's talents. I caught myself a real winner. He can do anything AND he is so sweet to build me mini chicken fortresses.

Now, here are some other pics from my world.

Peaches (or Princess Peach or Little One)

Miss Polly. The resident elder.

There's snow in them there hills...

Hope you all are having a wonderful February so far.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day with all of those you love.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Touch Of Reality

Well, that was rude.
Tease at quitting the blog and then don't write for over a month.
Thank you all for writing me and telling me not to quit the blog.
It meant a lot.
I suppose I am just having a bit of a blog burnout.
Or maybe a life burnout.
The blog used to be so much fun and quite a creative outlet for me, but to be honest, its been more of a guilt trip as of late.
I WANT to want to write.
But, what to write?
I don't hardly get to do my crafts anymore at all.
I had some health issues last year that required a total re-vamp of my diet, so sharing recipes of what I have made lately
is not that interesting.
Juicing a carrot is hardly rocket science (Peel the carrot, wash the carrot, shove it in the juicer, there you go:)
I could write about the chickens and the farming...Oh, wait, Thats what I do write about.
I suppose that I am just having a bit of a pity party and sad that the things that I love have to be pushed aside for this long term goal of buying our own farm.
Sometimes that goal seems so far away and unreachable still.
But, I knew this would not be easy.
My whiney little point, I suppose, is I don't want to quit the blog.
I would greatly miss you all if I did.
I just wanted to get real with you for a minute and tell you where my mind set has been lately.
Also, I am not going to make grand promises to blog more frequently this year or blow your mind with wild new blog posts.
I am gonna be Me, folks. Me during this busy and tiring time in my life.
Me who drinks carrot cilantro juice and has a half knitted wash cloth by my easy chair that I rarely sit in.
Me who does not even know if a garden this year is in the realm of possibility.
Me who has a unhealthy attachment to her chickens and buys them special organic produce as treats (Shhhh, don't tell Manly, I am pretty sure he knows, he is just trying to look the other way;)
This is Me, Folks.
Hopefully, somewhere along the way, I find something interesting to write about.
And now to quote a very wise woman...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays!

I am not quite sure where those days went between Thanksgiving and now, but they sure disappeared.
Here we are, a few days before Christmas.
Still so much to do.
I have not had any time for candy making and there is nary a Christmas cookie to be had in the house.
But, I have decorated, which for me, the lights are what make it Christmas time to me.
No snow? No cookies? even no tree? That's ok, as long as there is lots of pretty little lights all around me:)
I miss you all, and am so sorry that this year has not had a lot of posts.
I would like to promise to post more, but I am not sure if that will be possible.
I have even considered terminating my blog, due to feeling like I have neglected you all so much.
But, I won't just yet.
I hope you all are having a beautiful holiday season!
Filled with lots of love, warmth and happiness.