Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hello, People!
Nothing thrilling to report just dropping by to say "howdy".
Some of you wanted my take on clotted cream from my last post so I will tell you.
I like it.
It seriously reminds me of the fresh homemade butter my Mother and I made when I was a young lass long ago.
Its good on scones, its tasty with jam on toast and as I found out this last weekend, darn nummy on french toast (although I am not sure if the cultures would appreciate smashed together as such, but thats an American for you...takes English Clotted Cream and lathers it on French Toast...oh well)
Manly and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last week.
I cannot believe its been that long since that snowy day we said those precious words to each other in front of a few close friends and family members.
We were married up on a mountain in a Resort and we had cheesecake instead of regular cake and Manly's tie was choking him the whole time and he kept calling his wedding band his new "bling-bling".
Which he still does to this day. Because he is silly and ridiculous and mine.
Snow is melting and making mud here, which is a challenge with the sheep, most of the sheep are in the lambing sheds this time of year, but the yearlings and the bucks are still out in the fields.
The snow had to melt all at once.
Literally, one day was 10 degrees and the next it was 45 here.
Mud and water everywhere.
In fact one of the herders woke up to his Sheep Camp surrounded by a lake.
Oh! you do not know what a Sheep Camp is?
I will show you.
In the days gone by, they looked like this:

And then they looked like this:

But, most nowadays look like this:

Okay, but how do they look inside, well, some look like this:

and some more like this:

They are very warm and durable and made to withstand bumpy rides way up in the backcountry for when the sheep go in the mountains.

Here is a band of sheep we moved from one field to the next yesterday morning

So, there you go.
Now you know more than you ever would want to about sheep camps and clotted cream and Manly's Bling-Bling.
What would you all do without me giving you such useful information;)
Have a great week folks!


  1. So sheep camps have always been RVers! We love living in our little box, lol.
    I've been watching the lambing going on Getting Stitched on the Farm and have had you on my mind. Hope you get to take some pics of those sweet newbies!
    Manly sounds like a very fun hubby that will keep you laughing!

    1. Unfortunately, the lambing is not our line of work.
      We take care of the herders and the sheep bands out in the fields and mountains, other folks take care of the lambing barns.
      We do not even get to see them again till they are big enough to go to the mountains this late spring and summer.
      But, I have been enjoying the blog link you sent me too!
      Haha! Yes! Sheep Herders were the original RV'ers.

  2. Hey Hesper!

    Okay, so now thanks to this post I have the strong desire to herd sheep! I never thought I'd say that before, but the cozy little sheep herder camper is calling to me!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Manly! Another year is always worthy of celebration! :)

  3. What a cool post, love that lil sheep camper. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! I love the sheep camps, I could see myself staying in one :)

  5. Oh i LOVE clotted cream, it is lush!
    Sheep camps... i hadn't heard of them before but they look very cosy.
    love jooles xxx

  6. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed this look into the world of sheep!

  7. You are so funny Hesper!!! Congrats on your Anniversary! Wishing you two many more together. :)

    Love the sheep!

  8. Happy Anniversary! And thanks for your take on the clotted cream. Someday I hope to try it too.
    I really enjoyed the info about the sheep too. I've never raised them myself but I did get a little lamb for my five year old many years ago. It's all she wanted for her birthday. He grew into quite a pest though and kept knocking us down when we went outside.

  9. I went to England my senior year of college, and one of my very favorite memories was of having high tea again and again with clotted cream and scones!

    Loved your "sheep camp" lesson. Have you ever watch the documentary "Sweetgrass"? I saw it on Netflix and loved it. It was about sheep ranching.